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We design exceptional events in Poland

Developer events that inspire

Front-Trends and Falsy Values have brought together coder communities and tech companies in Warsaw since 2010.

Whether it’s an international conference, workshop or hackathon, our events are made to inspire techminds in an inclusive, forward-thinking environment (with great food, never sad conference grub).

Our Developer Events

Your event in Poland

We help organizations realize their events in Poland, which requires a good lay of the land and command of the Polish language—about as difficult to learn as raising unicorns.

We help you with everything from finding the right local venues, to catering, audio/visual tech, lighting, sourcing and more.

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Culinary workshops

Through Punkt Kultury, we provide fun, professional workshops focused on developing cultural intelligence through great food and cooking.

As more companies go global or outsource, these workshops help professionals learn cultural recipes, history and proper etiquette in extraordinary kitchen settings.

Our Culinary Workshops

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