We have brought together coder communities and tech companies in Warsaw since 2010

Our developer events

Falsy Values

Falsy Values is a 2-day long technical conference and workshop series for advanced web developers and UX/UI interaction designers to learn directly from innovators moving the web forward.

Day 1 entails conference talks from workshop leaders. On Day 2, developers work hands-on with trending web technologies like Angular 2, ECMAScript6, node.js, HTML5, CSS3, and more.

Events for Clients

PayPal BattleHack 2014

Battlehack is a series of global hackathons organized by PayPal Developer. Teams compete in major cities around the world and get flown to the World Finals for a chance to win a $100,000 Grand Prize.

Our team provided event planning for the Battlehack Warsaw division, including venue selection, catering, audio/visual production, live translation services, on-site logistics and support.

Pirate Summit Warsaw

Arr! Pirate Summit is an annual pitching contest for early-stage startups across Europe. With events across major cities, it is the largest pitching competition of its kind, networking startups with investors.

For the Warsaw edition, our team provided the technical logistics, catering, lighting, games, audio-visual equipment and technicians, in addition to sourcing event furniture and rental equipment.


The Warsaw startup scene gathers once a month at the the Open Reaktor event, where tech companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs network over beer and pizza, while international speakers present.

Our team provided technical support including audio-visual equipment, sound production, event lighting, digital photography and online video recording.

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