Get everything you expect from an event organizer, and then much more

Our event services

Online ticketing, native English copywriting, and modern website design put Zippy Desk’s event-building reputation a step above the rest. Our network of event partners provide the best in quality, variety and pricing too.

Not-Your-Average-Event Services

  • Online ticketing

    Track attendees, sell tickets and save money with our proprietary software built to lower your event ticketing fees.

  • English copywriting

    Send the right in your digital and printed materials—without the embarrassing translation mistakes.

  • Website development

    Need an event website that isn't a generic template? We design, code and implement all of our event websites.

Everything the Perfect Event Needs

  • Venue Selection

    We know some of the best local places (and those to avoid) to book an event of any size. Visitation available on requst.

  • Catering Services

    Full-service catering with trained staff, with customizable menus and flexible options. Private tastings available on request.

  • Suppliers and Vendors

    From printmakers, hoodie-makers to arcade games, we help you source the right local vendors for anything and everything.

Polish Hospitality Services

  • Hotel Partners

    Get exclusive hotel discounts across a network of hotel partners, with the best pricing and locations fit for your audience.

  • Polish City Tours

    If you're visiting (or have guests visiting), our network of official Polish guides ensure easy intercity travel and experiences made to remember.

  • Live translations

    Polish ain't the easiest language. Luckily we've got translators to help you, or a Polish audience communicate without incident.

Production Equipment and Services

  • Professional event production

    We can execute mind-blowingly awesome events with high-tech LED screens, smart lighting and audiovisual technicians, or make it as humble and simple as you want.

  • Digital Film and Photography

    Recorded talks, online video and professional digital photography are part of every great event. Be remembered for years to come.

  • Rentals and Furniture

    From your basic TVs, tables and chairs, to video games and designer furniture, we cover a vide variety of vendors and artists for you to rent from.

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